August 22nd, 2011

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  • Sun, 13:35: Not gettin' anything done today. Still not dressed. Tonight is my wee l'il birthday party. Will eventually do the cake. For now, lazzzzzing.
  • Sun, 19:08: RT @mariasaporta: City of Atlanta could move Cyclorama from Grant Park
  • Sun, 19:12: Whenever the boys show up I can have my cake. Yes, I made my own birthday cake. Blew up own balloons. Bought self proseco too!
  • Sun, 23:36: RT @paulapoundstone: Although it's true, I've let myself go, the truth is, I didn't have that tight a hold on myself to begin with.
  • Sun, 23:38: Feeling stupidly depressed and lonely.
  • Sun, 23:38: The trouble with living alone is that it's always your turn to do the dishes. ~Author Unknown
  • Mon, 09:23: On page 5 of 576 of Dancing in the Dark, by Morris Dickstein
  • Mon, 10:14: It's my birthday and I've got the sneezes, no time for coffee, and a video shoot with a nursing prof. But I look good.
  • Mon, 11:50: Having such allergy woes today. May walk to CVS at Emory Village just to get some OTC.
  • Mon, 11:58: RT @CleanAirGA: Do you know what 600K in metro #Atlanta are doing? They are not driving to work / #telework story on @640WGST >> h ...