August 26th, 2011

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  • Thu, 15:12: Therapist is forcing me use telephone to invite people for a get-together at my place this Sunday, as a way of helping me with phone anxiety
  • Thu, 16:35: Question: Why are there so few Indian restaurants in #Atlanta? At least, ITP. I do know of 2 good ones but still, WTF? #atlfood
  • Thu, 16:36: I am sooooo tired. Cranking out videos though. So far I've done 3. At least 3 more in this series, maybe 4. Can make 1 more today.
  • Thu, 17:24: My licorice Tumblr boldly explores the world of hardcore licorice:
  • Thu, 17:37: I have emails almost that old. RT @TheOnion Recently Unearthed E-Mail Reveals What Life Was Like In 1995
  • Thu, 20:13: According to Zillow, units above and below mine recently sold for $135K under what I paid in 2001. FML. And that's why I'm stuck in Atl.
  • Fri, 10:21: Harry tried to nurse off me last night. Yes, for real. I was like "Cat, I am not your mom." Not THAT way anyway.
  • Fri, 12:15: Coworker's young boys visited my cube today. Rest of office didn't exist because I had TOYS. Picard & Kirk did battle, robbers were cuffed.