September 23rd, 2011

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  • Thu, 12:57: My brain keeps not believing the bird is dead. This will last a whole long while. She was here 10 yrs.
  • Thu, 13:27: Seriously obnoxious construction and/or industrial cleaning going on in Downtown Atlanta today. Usually they wait 'til wknds or nights.
  • Thu, 13:35: Downtown drillin' -- Sewer work at Walton & Forsyth. #Atlanta
  • Thu, 14:07: I go to get lunch and come back and find things are FUBAR at work. Want to eat this delicious Thai but no, crisis!
  • Thu, 15:21: Social media programming magazine content feeds my OCD tendencies nicely. Process, process, process!
  • Thu, 16:31: Have finally finished setting things up so ppl hear about Emory Nursinh for next month. Next up: Medicine!
  • Thu, 19:48: At Slice Poplar St. convalescing with pizz and beer.
  • Thu, 19:48: RT @denisohayer: HPV Battle in the GOP: A look at the disease behind the debate with Dr. Fadlo Khuri of the Winship Cancer Institute: ht ...
  • Thu, 19:52: RT @IcarusPundit: Ever. You meant ever. RT @dsfullerton: If you're in downtown/midtown right now, I'd advise not driving anywhere for a ...
  • Thu, 20:04: Anchovy & feta pizza. @GetGlue #Anchovy
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