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So far, so good

I like this SpamKiller thing. Basically I can have my email program closed and SpamKiller runs in the background and checks all my accounts. The icon in my system tray shows when stuff comes in and if I point at it, it'll give me the "count" -- so this morning, for example, there were 11 messages (a.k.a. stuff that the filter says is "OK"), 8 "suspected spam" (all were spam), and 32 spam. It's very accurate and the ones that do come through were easy to filter b/c I know what the "keywords" are. You can filter by content of message even, so you just highlight some word (today I added a "monstrous tools" filter) and you will not see those messages again. When I'm actually in the email program, I have the "check automatically" option unchecked. When I check my mail, only the stuff I want arrives, since SpamKiller has already gone through it.

I know this isn't really eliminating the problem but it keeps almost all the crap out of my inbox and now when I'm working and there's a ping for a new message, I can see if it's spam even w/o opening the program.

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