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My Favorite Reads, 2001-2010

It's 2011, which among other things means I've now been keeping a "book log" for 10 years. The log is just a list of every book (and book manuscript) I've read and yet to me it means a lot. It's really a record of where my mind and heart have been.

The list itself is pretty long so rather than paste it in here, let me pick out what were my favorite books of those 10 years.

Note that I am -excluding- all of Storm's books because it's pretty much a given I read all of them multiple, multiple times, even edited a number of them, and love about 95% of them. I'm also excluding anything that was a re-read. I'm talking about stuff that I read for the first time.

My Favorite Books, 2001-2010
by Title


Adulthood Rites - Octavia E. Butler
Affinity - by Sarah Waters
The Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman
Ammonite - Nicola Griffith
As Meat Loves Salt - Maria McCann
The Bone Doll's Twin - Lynn Flewelling
The Bull from the Sea - Mary Renault
The Chosen - Ricardo Pinto
The City of Dreaming Books - Walter Moers
City of Illusions - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Color Purple - Alice Walker
The Crimes of Love - by Marquid de Sade
The Danish Girl* - David Ebershoff
Dawn - Octavia E. Butler
Death's Master - Tanith Lee
Delusion's Master - Tanith Lee
Digging Up Donald - Steven Pirie
The Dispossessed - Ursula K. Le Guin
A Dream and a Lie - Fiona McGavin
Dune - Frank Herbert
Elantris - Brandon Sanderson
The Etched City - K.J. Bishop
Fire From Heaven - by Mary Renault
The Farthest Shore - Ursula K. LeGuin
The Golden Compass - Philip Pullman
The Handmaid's Tale -Margaret Atwood
Harry Potter (All) - J.K. Rowling
The Hidden Warrior - Lynn Flewelling
Imago - Octavia E. Butler
Imajica - by Clive Barker
The King Must Die - by Mary Renault
Kushiel's Dart - by Jacqueline Carey
The Last of the Wine - by Mary Renault
The Lathe of Heaven - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. LeGuin
Lost Souls - Poppy Z. Bright
Luck in the Shadows - Lynn Flewelling
The Man Who Folded Himself - David Gerrold
The Merro Tree - Katie Waitman
Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro
Night's Master - Tanith Lee
Of Human Bondage - W. Somerset Maugham
The Oracle's Queen - Lynn Flewelling
Parable of the Sower - by Octavia Butler
Perdido Street Station - China Mieville
The Persian Boy - Mary Renault
Planet of Exile - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Praise Singer - Mary Renault
The Razor's Edge - Somerset Maugham
Restoration - Carol Berg
Revelation - Carol Berg
Rocannaon's World - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Scar - China Mieville
Shadow Man - Melissa Scott
Shadows Return - Lynn Flewlling
Stalking Darkness - Lynn Flewelling
The Standing Dead- Ricardo Pinto
The Subtle Knife - Philip Pullman
Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea - Ursula K. LeGuin
The Third God - Ricardo Pinto
The Tombs of Atuan - Ursula K. LeGuin
Tourniquet - Kim Lakin-Smith
Traitor's Moon - Lynn Flewelling
Transformation - Carol Berg
Venus Plus X - Theodore Sturgeon
The White Road - Lynn Flewelling
Wicked Gentlemen - Ginn Hale
A Wizard of Earthsea - Ursula K. LeGuin

(Note: So I guess you have to be a woman, a gay man or a weird kinda kinky straight man for me to read you?)

* Quasi-fiction b/c it's based on an actual person.


Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction - Edits.
The Birthday of the World and Other Stories - Ursula K. LeGuin
Dreams of Dark and Light - Tanith Lee
The Life to Come and Other Stories - E.M. Forster
Vintage Bradbury - Ray Bradbury
Ward No. 6 and Other Stories - Anton Chekhov


Born on a Blue Day - Daniel Tammet
Bulletproof Web Design - Dan Cederholm
The City of Falling Angels - John Berendt
Don't Make Me Think - Steve Krug
Intelligence in Nature - Jeremy Narby
Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths - Andrew Calimach
The Motion of Light in Water - Samuel Delany
The Pianist - Wladyslaw Szpilman
Wanderings: History of the Jews - Chaim Potok
Watching the English - Kate Fox

I've love to have some feedback on this. Read any of these? Love? Hate? Undecided? Want to know more?
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