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  • Sun, 17:51: Walking down Dekalb Ave. by Pencil Factory lofts and what used to be projects... Looks really nice, lotta restaurants too. #atlanta
  • Sun, 19:18: At Tin Lizzie's for first time. Fried pickles just arrived.
  • Sun, 19:25: These veggie black beans are freaking phenomenal!
  • Sun, 19:37: Tin Lizzie's is OK. Good food. Little too macho Hipster for me.
  • Sun, 19:54: Memorial Drive so much less shady than it used to be. I'd walk home from herw but blisters aggravating my feet.
  • Sun, 20:15: Buses refuse to show up, so walking on blisters. Passed Capitol Gateway, now by Connector,GDOT.
  • Mon, 08:49: Morning Edition is covering the Beastie Boys. Yes, finally a music feature worth listening to, with music that doesn't make me barf.
  • Mon, 09:24: I've done that in Atlanta for 14 yrs.RT @Infrastructurst: The Morning Dig: L.A. Residents Going (Gasp!) Without Cars http://bit.ly/mQewVq
  • Mon, 09:26: Who is shocked at this point? RT @markmeltzer: Wildly incorrect tax estimates shock Fulton County homeowners. http://bit.ly/mdESDg
  • Mon, 09:28: Seem to have woken up cynical today.
  • Mon, 10:00: Blisters suck. That is all.
  • Mon, 11:02: So what's up with all these people announcing (or hinting at) presidential runs, acting like ppl are clamoring for them?
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