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  • Tue, 14:45: CNN is polling what do you fear most, hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornadoes. I think I most fear global climate change.
  • Tue, 15:23: Yesterday I posted a pic from Burlington Free Press of a sheep being rescued via kayak in Vermont. Apparently I can pic 'em. RT's everywhere
  • Tue, 15:36: Firefox has really been ticking me off lately. Updates are not helping matters. Now I have 6 and it's still stop & go.
  • Tue, 15:51: This FreshAir story on bananas really surprises me. I had no idea bananas are basically clones. Dude, what?! http://t.co/J7LgK9Y
  • Tue, 16:39: Web ppl: Good friend has opp to bid to design & build a new web site for a governmental agency. Design covered, but tech? Know freelance?
  • Tue, 17:13: CVS has again faked me out by auto refilling a prescription of mine so that when I try to order it, I can't. Outthinking me!
  • Tue, 17:16: Dear David Sweeney started today @ Cakes & Ale - l'il article in Atlanta Magazine. Must go visit him! http://t.co/wWUMbHZ
  • Tue, 17:17: David called me Sunday on his way to see family in Columbus. We talked for nearly an hour. I <3 him so much.
  • Tue, 18:34: I've taken myself out on a date. I love Cafe Alsace. They have rose ice cream tonight! #decaturga
  • Tue, 18:34: RT @AlterNet: Must-Read Krugman: GOP is Now 'Aggressively Anti-Science, Indeed Anti-Knowledge,' Which Should 'Terrify Us' http://t.co/TE ...
  • Tue, 22:55: I heartily recommend Kopparberg, the Swedish pear cider I picked up @HopCity the other day. So yummy! Nomnomnom.
  • Tue, 22:56: "Franklin D. Roosevelt was nothing more than a lying, patrician Socialist." #dadquotes (Look, I followed a trend!)
  • Wed, 10:35: Downloaded the DragonCon app and I can't stop playing with it. Ooh, shiny! My new friend, I hope!
  • Wed, 10:38: My fav #DragonCon programming tends to be science stuff or paranormal stuff. I am conflicted.
  • Wed, 10:53: Soooooo tired today. I would go to bed early tonight but friend coming in late tonight for DragonCon. I doubt either of us will sleep!
  • Wed, 10:54: RT @adampknave: Holy. Shit. JC Penny sells this fucking shirt? SERIOUSLY? http://t.co/GCrk595
  • Wed, 11:10: Anyone else experiencing a #Hootsuite outage? I use the app & screen coming up blank.
  • Wed, 11:10: Georgia makes the list bc overall, suckage. RT @AlterNet The 10 States With the Worst Economies In America http://t.co/yZus5cc #Georgia
  • Wed, 11:18: I don't know WHAT is in the air but it is making my allergies flair so bad. Have had 4 yrs. of allergy shots, was cured but this is new.
  • Wed, 11:35: @HopCity I got dozen beers Sat. for a party and everybody was asking where I got them, all stuff they had never found. Win!
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