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  • Thu, 12:22: Combo of stress and hunger: Just ate 4-5 Ginger Chews. I could now kill people with my ginger breath. Or bring them back to life!
  • Thu, 12:32: Stilllll catching up on all the news releases that have gone out yesterday and day. Have to fix, enhance, promote. Ppl empowered = work! :)
  • Thu, 12:57: Unsurprisingly I now have a headache.
  • Thu, 13:19: RT @emoryhealthsci: Can infectious diseases really spread out of control like a global wildfire? Expert @EmoryUniversity talks #Contagio ...
  • Thu, 13:24: Best thing that's happened to me all day: Yo-Goat Cultured Goat Milk. Can only find it @sevananda (and did, Tues.) Yum!
  • Thu, 13:49: Think this headache may take me out, as in send me home. Goshdarnit but my body doesn't always cope with stress well.
  • Thu, 15:01: Went out and had some lunch. My head briefly felt better. Then I went back to my office. Boom! Headache. Awesome.
  • Thu, 16:44: A cautionary tale re #Apple #appstore #itunes etc. Rt @Carl My Compromised Apple ID Experience http://t.co/5ESkHjA #fraud
  • Thu, 17:28: RT @brianstelter: GOPers flocked to liberal MSNBC last night: 5.4 million tuned in for NBC's debate, topping the 5.05 million for Fox's ...
  • Thu, 17:30: Feeling better after some resolution came on the issue that had me in such a grump to start with today.
  • Thu, 19:09: It's Thursday night. Where am I?
  • Thu, 19:10: RT @lifehacker: Facebook's rolling out some new, in-feed ads, and they aren't pretty. Here's how to hide them: http://t.co/JmPkZkR
  • Thu, 20:11: Headed home after verrrry good time at McGee's. Bartender Casey rocks, food too, and I traded bad jokes with Viernam vet who hit on me.
  • Thu, 20:57: RT @brianstelter: On the NYC skyline tonight: an apparent preview of the 9/11 towers of light. http://t.co/Bl8cCcT
  • Thu, 20:57: RT @AtlantaBeltLine: Hooray! the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine new season begins...NOW! See our calendar that kicks off this weekend!.. ...
  • Fri, 11:47: RT @peoplefor: Oklahoma Republican state rep Sally Kern repeats claim that homosexuality is "more dangerous" than terrorist attacks http ...
  • Fri, 12:07: RT @RubenBolling: I already linked to an article about this comic, but here, on the blog, is that first comic I did after 9/11. http://t ...
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