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  • Sun, 15:39: Harry is supremely silky and fluffy after the bath I gave him yesterday. Currently he's stationed on my belly, purring and looking sleepy.
  • Sun, 15:42: My neighborhood is having a fish fry & BBQ shindig at Woodruff Park today. $10. Sponsored by HOAs. Going to get some cash shortly.
  • Sun, 16:38: Movie filming on Broad Street. I swear my block must be the most filmed in the state. #Atlanta
  • Sun, 16:46: Just went and checked progress of BBQ & fish fry... My, smells gooood. Food should be ready by 5:30.
  • Sun, 21:09: Listening to "Ultima Thule" ambient podcast, one of my long-time favorites. Out of Australia. http://t.co/f9d1zD5I @GetGlue #Podcast
  • Mon, 00:21: I'm not sure I've ever seen any of the TV shows that are getting #Emmys. Unless "V" was up for one.
  • Mon, 00:25: -New- non-doc or reality TV shows I've watched regularly in past 5 yrs.: Enterprise, V, South Park, Special Unit 2. Dork much? #Emmys
  • Mon, 00:40: It's weird how caffeine takes about 4 hrs. to hit me. Drank a whole bunch of Mountain Dew around 9 or 10. Then was sleepy. Til midnight.
  • Mon, 00:41: Checked Netflix & see I am now paying higher rate. Thought about going to DVD (1) only but I like streaming old TV series too much.
  • Mon, 08:56: Re Netflix/Quixster all I want to know is will they share Queues? They'd better!
  • Mon, 10:06: I wish all the 'Aeropostale' t-shirts people are wearing would ship themselves back where they came from.
  • Mon, 10:09: Bus driver looks like one of Madonna's dancers from the 'Justify My Love' era. Penciled in eyebrows included. #MARTA
  • Mon, 10:56: Seems to be some kind of med. emergency / accident at Clifton & Asbury Circle / Haygood Drive @EmoryUniversity #atltraffic
  • Mon, 11:54: RT @downtownatlanta: More surveillance cameras come to #DowntownAtlanta to help track and deter crimes. What do you think? http://t.co/h ...
  • Mon, 12:19: @clontz WHSC site is down. Someone I should report this to besides you? Everything but homepage gives me "Problem loading page."
  • Mon, 12:30: @clontz Now all emory.edu sites seems to be down so I can assume it's a system-wide problem. Phew. At least Cascade itself is working.
  • Mon, 12:34: @clontz And now the sites are all back. Magic!
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