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  • Mon, 14:41: Skill pondering the Netflix/Qwikster news. I like both services, don't get why they are separating them out. Then again, I'm bisexual.
  • Mon, 14:42: RT @paulapoundstone: Pirates are, after all, thieves. It seems weird that we'd want to talk like them. Why not "International Talk Like ...
  • Mon, 15:31: Friend made me a copy of Red, Hot + Blue, Cole Porter tribute album. Not too impressed, esp. with songs that are totally unrecognizable.
  • Mon, 17:44: RT @CleanAirGA: Just OH a woman telling her friend about Commuter Rewards.. thought everyone might want in on the conversation topic > ...
  • Mon, 17:45: Listening to one of my favorite Bjork songs -- which also has a brilliant video: "Who Is It?" http://t.co/77LCQBDU #bjork
  • Mon, 17:47: The three songs I've got via the iPad app have me just dying for the CD. http://t.co/5r70Wqj9 @GetGlue #Biophilia
  • Mon, 17:55: Must read, mateys! RT @NatGeo Busted: Not Even Pirates Spoke Pirate - http://t.co/o5MF1GIl
  • Mon, 17:57: RT @librarianbyday: when you say "Print is dead" what I hear, however unintentionally, is "Poor people don't deserve to read." http://t. ...
  • Mon, 19:05: RT @LizSzabo: A day without Dora? Egads: Nickelodeon to "go dark" 12-3 p.m. Sat. 9-24 as a signal for kids to go outside and play. (Worl ...
  • Mon, 19:07: Just spent a little time on florist web sites looking at funeral bouquets, grave arrangements, etc. Squicked me out. Esp. the "MOM" one.
  • Tue, 00:09: Which TV show should I try, Falling Skies or Supernatural? Trying out TNT's iPad app and those are two shows available.
  • Tue, 00:13: RT @whitehouse: As of 12:01 am, the repeal of the discriminatory law known as ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ finally & formally takes effect. #DADT
  • Tue, 07:47: There's been a really annoying noise eminating from Marietta St. since Saturday. Reminds me of very loud jinglebells. What IS it?
  • Tue, 11:08: Yesterday NPR posted on the death of Zynga's Scramble game. Players talk about sense of community. I just do not get it. Game, no talk!
  • Tue, 12:37: RT @emorywheel: How the mass employment of today's youth will affect America in the future: http://t.co/gSTe11J3
  • Tue, 13:03: This goes right along with what I'm seeing. Media consumption doesn't stop during the workday -- there's music, podcas…http://t.co/2u8L3NJe
  • Tue, 14:11: I still am not sure how @Spotify works, don't think I'm doing it right, but building a playlist, will share here eventually.
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