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  • Wed, 12:56: Allergies killing me, putting what energy I have into optimizing web content & programming social media for Winship 5K race.
  • Wed, 13:02: I can't be the only one who wonders why American hikers would pick Iran (or anywhere near it) as a place to go hiking.
  • Wed, 16:29: Time for my weekly therapy appt. This has actually become the highlight of my week, beside the occasional Thurs. pub night. I enjoy it!
  • Wed, 16:50: RT @lifehacker: Sick of the new Facebook news ticker? Here's how to kill it: http://t.co/kSej0e1W
  • Wed, 19:03: RT @AlterNet: RT @JoshuaHol It's so bizarre to see a murder scheduled in advance and carried out so mechanically. #TroyDavis
  • Wed, 23:29: RT @RepJohnLewis: My heart is heavy. It is so painful to watch a man be put to death by an arm of our own government.
  • Thu, 07:56: OK, now I'm curious! RT @mashable Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed [OPINION] - http://t.co/FXuNrFgM
  • Thu, 08:36: My elderly budgie Pell is dozing off / dying on my chest. She's just lying there mostly. Would never do that except in last hours :(
  • Thu, 08:51: My bird died five minutes ago, lying on my chest. Heard the death rattle just like with her former cagemate, who died 5 years ago. RIP.
  • Thu, 09:41: The apartment is so quiet without the bird.
  • Thu, 10:00: Re the bird dying, it's weird. I'm sad but not sad.
  • Thu, 11:10: Working at home and walk around to think, as usual. But I keep going over to the birdcage to watch the bird as usual, and she's not there.
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