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The miracle of reading and writing

I am intrigued by this article on vision therapy for people whose peculiar vision problems prevent learning.

I mean, if you think about it, the ability to read is AMAZING. This is something I (and you reading this too) do all day long, normally completely unconsciously, and yet there is so much to it. Somehow a pattern of lines on a page or screen or sign get tracked by our eyes, recognized, strung together and made into words -- not just words, but words that are synthesized into language, and synthetisized to the point that those little lines becomes meaningful thoughts that go "straight to our brain."

And not to mention typing and writing! How crazy is it that I can carry on conversations with people on the other side of the earth by reading characters on a screen and not ever hearing a voice. Or how cool is it I can pick up a book hundreds of years old and read it? It's stored rereadable code.

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