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Who knows what they'll find

So I had a follow-up appointment with my allergist today. I told her things were better, though certainly not 100%. I mean, I think the special sheets and pillow cases have helped a lot and my lungs are no longer ON FIRE and my headaches are going away, but there are other problems still sticking around. The doctor has recommended I go in for this thing called a Sinus CT which is some kind of detailed scan of my head and sinuses. She doesn't think it's gone away yet, which doesn't surprise me since it's probably been lurking in my head for YEARS. She wants that test before she prescribes more meds because she doesn't want to give me any more antibiotics than I need (what a good doctor!). So guess in a couple weeks they will have a look in my head, maybe find some of my extra personalities or maybe lost gum. One time I snorted yogurt up my nose; they might find it, eh?

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