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Bad manners

I swear, somebody needs to write Miss Manners about Dubya. The man has NO mannera!

Bush Seeks Help of Allies Barred From Iraq Deals
President Bush asked France, Germany and Russia to forgive Iraq's debts, after they were excluded from reconstruction projects.
(from NYT)

So he's basically taking the attitude of "You didn't help us with the war, so you can't help us with the clean-up and financial rewards, but since you are so obviously lily-livered Pinkos with unfounded sympathy for Iraq, how about you forgive the debt?"

Forgiving debts is tricky business and I'm not sure whether it's a good idea or not, but the idea that Dubya seems to be continually going to these countries, and the whole world, the U.N., and saying "This is what WE want to do, this is what you do, ain't nothin' gonna stop us"...

Well... *Sigh*
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