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Holy sh*t

So I got a new checking account 3 weeks ago, and due to a screw up, had not received my checkbook or debit/credit card and thus couldn't pay any bills or spend much money at all.

Well, Saturday the card came and today I got my checks.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so eager (desperate!) to get it, because as soon as I got it, and started writing out payment for all the piled-up bills, I found I had $2700 in bills to pay! Aaaaargh! Most of it was regular expenses, like mortage and condo fee, but then there were 3-4 different insurance / doctor bills, one of which was for like $500. This comes just as I was beginning to feel confident and happy in my income this month.

Oh, well, guess I can consider this paid for by last month and hang on that fact I already know I'm due for bare minimum $3000 in client payments next month (invoices are already written), so it shouldn't be so bad next time.

But whoah, you know writing checks like that makes me ill.

On the BRIGHT side of spending money, this morning I got a FABULOUS new hair cut. Like... wow! That was worth it and in fact much cheaper than I expected for that particular salon. Definitley pleased!

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