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Slamming head on keyboard

I know I've been a bad girl when my parents call ME to ask if I'm OK. Specifically if my DAD calls. Shit. Well, they are OK, I'm OK, but I feel bad. I used to call every weekend, now I call like once a month. I just... Ugh! It just doesn't pop into my head like it used to. Pooh. Now I will have to set a reminder to pop up every weekend. And I promised myself when I had that nice long holiday at home that after being all caught up with them, I'd stay in touch, after all long distance is free on my mobile... And I blew it.

P.S. Meanwhile I have done about 30 minutes work since noon when in fact I have like maybe 6 hours hours work I need to do. I just don't want to do it. And I got to chatting. And Dad called. And my piggies are cute. And it's Sunday! What is WRONG with me? If I don't finish today, I'll get a call at like 8 a.m. tomorrow from Mat Man!

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