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Novel Terms

For the past couple of days, I've been working on the "lexicon" for Tarimur. I guess some people would write this up after they've got a book done, but for me, I felt I had to work out a lot of vocabulary before I could really get going on writing again. It's actually been a great exercise since, by forcing myself to define things, I'm having to ask myself a lot of questions about the story and about the world I'm building. Once I finish with this, I'm going to go through what I have already written and revise it accordingly, plus take note of some of the things which really should be developed further on in the story, now that I've thought of them.

The other outcome of doing this lexicon is that I realize even more what WEIRD book this is. I'm writing things out thinking, "What kind of weirdo would think up this stuff?" LOL. World building reflects interestingly on the world creators, I think.

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