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In other depressing news, the NY Times reports that the grunge, Goth, punk, and 80s pink/black/turqoise looks are out with teens and college kids, replaced by a preppy look... that of course nobody wants to call preppy but is in fact preppy. Apprently sales at Hot Topic have plummetted and sales at American Eagle and Gap are way up. Viva la Khaki, I guess. Now on the good side of this, I guess I can get all my black and pink clothes on sale if I hurry up and go to the mall.

One other depressing bit of news is that after lurking in the background for 3-4 days, depression arrived on me last night and is fully settled on me this morning, along with the usual headache. Gee, and I was wondering why I didn't get any work done this weekend. I put it off to today. When of course I don't want to do it because thinking about it makes me want to cry. Such enthusiasm! Alas, I will probably make myself just plod on and hope for a self-correction, which should come by Wednesday.

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