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Do you know where the states are?

Surprisingly, when I took The USA Quiz, I got a score of 149 of a max total of 150. I say surprisingly because a few years ago I had a computer program that was the same as this online quiz and I used to mess up a lot more, especially in the Southeast. This time I found I was pretty unerring; the only mistake I had was mixing up Montana and Wyoming, which is kind of understandable, in my opinion! I'd be interested in seeing what other people get. Probably somebody will get a 150.

Somehow this makes me slightly less grumpy. Lame, but true.


Now let me see what I get for the other quizzes...

Got a perfect score on the very easy World Quiz, since it was only continents and oceans.

On the Europe Quiz I got only 86 of 111, not so great, 77%.

For Asia I got 67 of 84... hmm, about 80%.

I took all the other quizzes too, and did crappier on all of them, which doesn't surprise me.

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