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Ow, ow, ow

I'm half-crippled today after a night when I got a massive, massive charleyhorse in my right calf. I think it's from walking home reallly quickly last night so I could get to the neighborhood meeting after work. Aaargh!

I remember waking up must have been around 4 a.m. (it usually is for these things) and my whole leg from like the knee down was one solid cramp. Usually when this happens I sit there and do things like count to 50 and wait for it to end on its own, and sort of just comtemplate the pain since I can't stop it, but this time I think I must've just fallen asleep despite the pain. When I woke up my leg was in a kind of half-charleyhorse where it wasn't debilitatingly painful anymore but the muscles were still very tight and sore.

Naturally I had to go to CAP to do a job this morning and I was limping the whole way. I may take out the rolling pin later to get rid of this thing. It will hurt like hell but I can't stand this horrible "pulsing" feeling I have. I feel like my leg is going to explode or something!

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