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Just wrote another album review. I decided that for this next edition of Inception I'd review a few albums, since I seem to have acquired quite a few lately and a lot of them fit in with the zine's typical tastes.

The other night I sat down on my sofa and played four albums and took notes and now I'm using the notes, and re-listens, to write out the review. I wrote one two nights ago and one just now. There are two more to go. The two I've done came out well.

I think my reviews are a little different from some people's. I tend to get a bit personal and anecdotal about them. For certain ones I talk about what kind of dancing the music inspires or what I picture in my head when I hear it, esp. if it's meditational.

This last one I did, I'm a bit worried I sound pretentious, but I'm reviewing an album of dark tribal ritual music (really good for mediation), so it's hard to avoid metaphors and such. It's an honest description, however, not just me using words and phrases to impress people, so in intent, it's not pretentious.

Oh, well. Two more to go and then I'll feel like I've contributed.

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