Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Another Dad update

So my dad is (fingers crossed) coming home Thursday! Finally!

Just chatted online with Mom, who gave me some further updates:

  • She's set up a new bedroom / recovery room, using my old twin beds, in the dining room downstairs. There will be a visiting nurse and continued therapy.
  • The dining room rug is in my old bedroom.
  • My parents' double-bed is in my old bedroom, Mom thinks she might make that permanet. (Meanwhile, what she's doing with her old bedroom I have no idea. Probably going to use it as a huge closet or "mess room," knowing her.)
  • Mom is thinking of putting the dining room upstairs.
  • Mom is painting the living room.

Meanwhile Mom was telling me how much snow there's been this winter up in Massachusetts. She has to plan her visits to the hospital around it. She had to shovel the drivway 3x and snowblow it once last week! I like snow, but yuck.

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