Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Sunday afternoon

So far today has been pretty fun. Read a book in bed, did the shower-dressing-newspaper-breakfast thing, worked on a web site, had lunch, and then got ready to go out. I had to bike up to Midtown for book group and on the way I learned that biking in a long skirt isn't as bad as I thought, since the bar doesn't shove up my skirt. In the past I've told Caleb I had to change to go biking and he said it would be fine, as women in Germany and England can be seen biking in skirts quite often. That IS true, but I will say, however, that the wind almost defrocked me a few times, including one time I was passing by a church. Oops!

At Outworlders book group, I got my revenge for the several times I've HATED our book choices, only to have everybody else LOVE them (e.g. Terry Pratchett). Our book this month was Lost Souls and while I really enjoyed it, out of the seven of us there, four gave it a thumbs down, including one woman who didn't read past Chapter 5. Two other people enjoyed it, though not as much as I did. There were all kinds of things lodges against it, but it all seemed to boil down to "She writes great, but there's no plot and all that stuff is just sick and disturbing." Several of them admitted they knew very little about goth culture or anything and couldn't see how anyone would be interested in those characters, why people would act like that, etc. Everything in the book is extreme, true, but I felt it was all very easy to picture and I loved the sick hedonism of it. To my mind, it's wrong to take the view that the book is some kind of "endorsement" of the crazy lifestyles and characters it describes; it's more like "Look at this culture and these types of character" and if it's negative, it's because that's how it is. I dunno -- I just found the book very easy to digest and enjoyable even in it sickness, Dickensian coincidence and lack of plot. And they found Terry Pratchett hilarious, so we're even maybe.

Anyway, so we didn't all agree on the book ;0) We did agree, however, that our group is going to reduce the rotation of horror books so it's no longer every three months but every four. It seems really difficult to find any queer horror books that are a) good, b) actually horror, or c) both a) and b). Instead we'll read more fantasy & SF, plus every four months a non-fic title.

After book group I called Caleb and he met me on his bike. He took me "the scenic route" over to Whole Foods on Ponce. I got some shrimp to have later with the magic English seafood sauce. Also got an artichoke, big yummy oranges, and a couple other goodies. Afterwards I followed Caleb's lead into Freedom Park, where we stopped and had a little snack of strawberries and juice. On the way back home, we stopped by these new townhouses in Inman Park that were like my condo except 3 stories, about twice as much sq. footage, and at least $400K each. (I like the ones at Glenwood Park better.) Biking down Auburn Ave. after, the skirt problem flared up and we also stopped at a corner that unfortunatley smelled very strongly of pee and fried chicken. Eeeeewwowowp. I had to get off my bike on the way home because of the hill and the wind. When I got home my face was bright red.

Oh, I almost forgot! A new and weird phenomenon occured on bike ride home. We were at an intersection and I took a swig out of my water bottle. I must've sucked/squirted the wrong way, because the water squirted out my nose! Aauughgh! It was such a Charlie Brown moment.

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