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Wiebke's World

I've often been told I talk too much

22 August 1974
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Wendy Darling is a 30-something diva who makes a living as a web designer and editor. Wendy is also a writer, with one publisher book, Breeding Discontent. She lives in Downtown Atlanta and hobbies and interests include writing, reading SF/F, pets (2 guinea pigs, 2 cats, 1 parakeet), architecture, urban planning, mass transit, international travel and food.

Here's what I look like on Meez:

To get in touch, email wdarling @ abraxis.com or visit www.metrogirl.com.
alfred hitchcock, alien nation, alien sex, aliens, ancient history, ancient roman, androgynes, androgyny, animal planet, animal rescue, animals, antique furniture, antiques, archaeology, architecture, art deco, atlanta, atlanta downtown neighborhood association, baking, beethoven, billy wilder, bisexuality, bjork, books, budgerigars, budgies, buster keaton, carfree, carless, cats, chocolate, city life, city planning, classic movies, classical music, consulting, content management, cooking, crossword puzzles, crosswords, dark fantasy, depeche mode, deutsch, dieting, downtown atlanta, dystopian fiction, editing, ennui, erotica, exercise, expressionism, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fantasy, fashion, federico fellini, freelancing, gay, gelato, gender, german, germany, ghosts, global warming, goth, greta garbo, grigori, guinea pigs, hauntings, hermaphrodites, history, immanion press, intersex, intown living, john waters, johnny depp, kitsch, klaus nomi, kraftwerk, league of gentlemen, lesbian, licorice, lord of the rings, lynn flewelling, m.c. escher, madonna, marta, mary renault, mozart, national public radio, new urbanism, new york city, new york times, nightrunner, nordic folk, npr, octavia butler, parakeets, paranormal, pedestrian, pets, public transit, publishing, reading, reiki, retro, science fiction, self-employment, sexuality, silent film, sinead o'connor, slash, smart growth, spirits, storm constantine, street life, tamir, tantra, the beatles, the wizard of oz, tights, tim burton, tit wrench, transgender, transit, travel, twilight zone, urban design, urban planning, ursula k. le guin, vampire chronicles, vegetarian cooking, vegetarianism, vintage fashion, web design, working at home, wraeththu, writing